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The Plantation Swim School’s Learn to Swim Program offers a term based progressive program with achievable outcomes which also incorporates a water safety survival component. Our program is ability based and aged appropriate catering for students from 6 months of age right through to adults. We also offer private and special needs lessons.

Our classes use low student to teacher ratios according to ability. These formats facilitate faster learning of the participants as well as allowing our teachers to become more familiar with your child’s needs. All of our instructors are Industry qualified and attend regular training to keep up to date with industry standards.

The Swim School also offers a 5 day intensive program every school holidays to fast track and further develop your child’s swimming abilities and skills.

All classes run for 30 minutes. We do not swim on public holidays and you are not charged for these lessons. We also offer 2 makeup lessons per term, these must be used in the term you are enrolled into, they do not roll over.


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Babies program – caters for babies from 6 months of age to 3 years old. Mum/Dad are expected to be in the water and involved in swimming lessons. Parents learn skills and techniques so to continue and develop skills outside of lessons. Repetition and consistency are very important for learning and maintaining skills. 1:8 class ratio in all bubs levels.

Babies must wear a swimming nappy during lessons
Starfish (Bubs 1)
For children new to the water environment and are ready to explore through fun, songs and games. They may be hesitant in the water, a little fearful and do not like water on their face. The focus is on developing water confidence, familiarisation and exploration.

Jellyfish (Bubs 2)
For children who are confident in the water, happy to explore and be in and under the water. They may have had lessons previously or the family spends a lot of time in the water environment. The child is not comfortable to let go and swim independently.

Clownfish (Advanced babies)
Students have generally completed our babies program and are quite independent and very confident in the water. They are learning to separate from the parents and take instructions from the teacher. The instructor will work with the parent to move towards independent classes.

Caters for students aged 3 years to 5 years old. Lessons are ability based and take into consideration their cognitive, emotional and physical development.

For beginner students who are hesitant and may also be fearful of the water. They cannot swim on their own and require assistance. In this level they are introduced to the fundamentals of swimming and work towards independent swimming skills through play, songs and games.

For the more confident swimmer who can swim independently but may not have “style”. They are happy to jump in, to submerge and play in and under the water. In this level we develop kicking skills, swimming on the surface of the water through streamlining skills and drills, and preparing for the introduction of strokes once their body position is ready.
Pre Octopus
For our very confident under 5 swimmers who are ready to learn Freestyle arms with side breathing and backstroke. Their foundation skills are strong, they have a good kick action and great breathe control.

Caters for students 5 years and over. Lessons are ability based and each level offers progressions in strokes, skills and distance. The school program is technique based with distance developed once the skill can be performed consistently. Breaststroke and butterfly are introduced once the foundations of streamlining and sculling are strong and freestyle and backstroke can be performed correctly.

For beginner students 5 years or older. They may be hesitant or fearful of the water and have not lessons previously. This level introduces the swimmer to the fundamentals of swimming and works towards independent swimming.

For the more confident swimmer who is attempting strokes however needs further refinement of swimming on top of the water, swimming independently on their back and stroke correction.

For the student who has been swimming for quite some time however technique needs to be further refined and developed. They can perform freestyle and backstroke for 7m or more and have good body position in the water. In this level we introduce breaststroke.

For the swimmer is becoming quite advanced and has strong, well performed strokes. Body position and form can be held for 15m or more. This level swims outside in the 25m pool (weather permitting).

For advanced swimmers who can swim 25m or more and perform correct freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke. Turns, starts and finishes are introduced in this level in preparation to advance to a mini squad program.

Mini Squads
Mini squads is more coaching based with no instructor in the water. Students can swim for fitness or to develop as a competitive swimmer. Distance, technique and endurance is further developed. Mini squads swims in the outside 25m pool during summer and in the indoor pool during winter. Squad times may vary due to enrolments or interest in the program.

Classes and lesson contents are subject to change without notice.

How to book or enquire

Please feel free to ring us on telephone (07) 3823 2823, email us at, or send an online enquiry using the button to the right. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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